Game Data Live Features

Game Data Live does not use the Internet. No Internet access needed. No Annual Fees.

With Game Data Live, you can create and store multiple games within multiple seasons.

Play Data Collection and Reporting

Enter Data on an iPad or Macintosh for up to 24 data items - 21 can be uploaded to Hudl

Includes 6 custom fields that could include Formation, Play, Off Play, Off Form, Def Front, Coverage, Blitz, etc.

Enter Data on an iPhone for up to 8 data items - can be uploaded to Hudl

Uses scrolling lists to enter all live data really fast

iPad and Macintosh Reports include Game Stats, QB Stats, Ball Carrier Stats, 9 Tendency Reports per team

Play Photos

1 per play using iPad / iPhone camera

Play Video

6 Video Formats (including 720p HD) with or without Audio using iPad / iPhone camera

Camera Options include Smooth Auto Focus, Far Focus, Low Light Mode, Video Stabilization, Exposure Lock.

6 Video Formats (including 720p HD) using Macintosh and an HDMI framegrabber.

Multiple Videos per play are identified and sorted as Wide, Tight, Rover or Other

View Video in slow motion with informative play list or at full screen width

View video on an attached display / TV / projector

Optional Networking

To Share data, photos and video with up to 8 iPads / iPhones / Macs

Uses Customer Supplied Nework

WiFi Router used for personel in the pressbox

Directional Access Point used to send focused signal to the side line.

Additional Access Points can be added to increase capacity, reliability and speed

Optional Network Server

Enables faster video transfers, sending video to multiple receivers, enhanced recovery from disconnects.

Uses File Transfer Protocol server which can be inplemented with a flash drive in the router or using a laptop computer with FTP server software.

Also works with a WebDAV server. Use "WebDAVNav Server" software on a Mac to create a server for free (from the Mac App Store). We also use a Western Digital network attached storage device that supports FTP and WebDAV.

Game Data Live for Macintosh - Advantages

Macintosh displays are generally larger than iPad displays.

Macintosh computers usually have more storage space for games than an iPad.

Macintosh computers have more than one connector for attaching to power, wired networking, TVs and projectors.

Mice are more precise pointers than your finger, so user interface elements can be smaller. The screen can display more user interface elements in the same space. You can enter more game data without switching screens.

There is a keyboard for keyboard shortcuts.

Easy access to wired networking at gigabit speeds. Eliminates WiFi interference issues. Connect directly to the router in the press box. Connect directly to network devices on the sideline.

Extremely fast access to video file server when your Mac is the server.

Video Capture Advantages

Capture video from a camcorder that has a mechanical zoom lens. iPad zoom is limited to about 3 times. Typical camcorder zoom is 10 times or more.

Access to external video sources using Apple's AVFoundation interface. Magewell's USB to HDMI Plus framegrabber captures video without installing software on your Macintosh.

Camera commands for "Record / Stop Record / Use Video / Discard Video" can be transmitted to other Macs in a network. Control the endzone camera capture from the press box.

Capture video from a camcorder while you watch the game on your laptop screen. You don't need a press box window anymore.

Import a folder of video clips.

You can export scout video from Hudl, import it into Game Data Live, do your data entry using scrolling lists, export the data and upload the data to Hudl.

Import AVCHD 1080i and AVCHD 1080P video clips from your camcorder and watch them. Watch your video with all of its original quality.

Network user window shows who is on the network and how they are performing.

Game Data Live provides a network test where you can send messages back and forth (ping) with another user and measure how fast that happens.

In the example above, the Macs in the 2000 - 3000 range are connected with wired gigabit ethernet, the Macs in the 300 - 400 range are hard wired to network devices on the field and in the endzone, PRO-HS-Brown is a 13 inch iPad Pro using Wifi on the sideline and HSM-ATHLETICS-01 is an iPad Air II using WiFi on the sideline. Note the speed advantage of wired gigabit ethernet.

Display multiple windows simultaneously.

In the example above, the game window is ready for data entry, the report window is displaying game stats, the camera window is open and ready to Record and the Network Users window is displaying transmit times for the last video file sent.

Note that Allen Leslie is a Mac in the endzone capturing the endzone video and blocking the press box video - so his transmit time is zero. Al Leslie and BW Software are Macs in the press box on gigabit ethernet and they got their video in less than a second. David Ostrander is a Mac on the sideline hardwired to a network device and he got his video in around 3 seconds. The iPad on the sideline got the same video in around 6 seconds using WiFi.

Macintosh computers with large screens can display data entry and video playback simultaneously.