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Game Data

Game Data Live is all about the data. This page gets you started on how its organized, how you enter it and how you can put it to work.


Game Data Live users will define Teams. A roster of players on a team is optional. Players can be identified as quarterback or ball carrier in case you want to view quarterback or ball carrier stats. Having a roster of players enables the selection of players from a list during game data entry. Picking players from a list helps eliminate keyboarding while you enter game data.

Game Data Live Teams Screen

Games and Seasons

Game Data Live users will also create Seasons. Within each Season they can create many Games. Each Game has a Scout Team and an Opponent. Scout Teams and Opponents come from the list of Teams. The graphic below shows how you create a game with a scout team and an opponent team.

Game Data Live New Game

Play Data

Game Data Live's play data entry is very efficient and forgiving. All play data entry is accomplished by tapping on items in lists - no keyboarding. You can access any field in any play and change your entries very quickly. If the official moves the ball, you can fix your data instantly. You can enter a little data or a lot. You can upload Game Data Live data to Hudl.

Game Data Live for iPad provides play data entry in four formats - Basic, Detailed, Detailed with 3 Custom fields and Detailed with 6 custom fields. In order to capture video with your iPad during a game, you may only have time to capture basic data. You may be able to capture detailed data and a photo of each play. You can definitely capture detailed data without photos or video.

Click Here to View Basic Data Entry

Click Here to View Detailed Data Entry

Click Here to View iPhone Data Entry

Game Data Live for Macintosh provides play data entry in three formats - Basic, Detailed and Detailed with 6 custom fields. The user interface is smaller on a Macintosh so more fields fit on a screen.

Multiple users can enter data simultaneously. The person who captures the press box camera can enter basic data while another coach is entering the details.

Scouting Reports

Game Data Live for iPad provides simple statistical and scouting reports so you can identify tendencies during a game. You can print, email or AirDrop one or all of the reports. Reports are in PDF form for email and AirDrop.

Click Here to view Sample Reports

Game Data Live for Macintosh provides the same reports and you can print them. Anything you can print on a Macintosh can also be saved as a PDF file.

Find Significant Plays Fast

You can sort the play list so you can find the big plays fast.

Click Here to view a Sorted Playlist

Using your Data With Hudl

Click Here to Learn About Exporting Data to Hudl

If your camcorder shoots MPEG-4, you can synchronize your play data with one camera angle before you upload the data to Hudl. That makes synchronizing the same video and data on Hudl effortless. You can resolve any differences between your video and data on your iPad while your video is uploading to Hudl, then upload that data and match the two in Hudl as soon as the video upload is complete.