Game Data Live Setup

There is a lot to set up with Game Data Live. You'll have settings in the Game Data Live application. If you build a Game Data Live network - you'll setup a wireless router. If you use the network server capability, you'll set up a server. You can also setup a directional access point to send a stronger signal to the sideline.

Game Data Live - Application Settings

Game Data Live is available for the iPad, iPhone and Macintosh. There are example setups available in the iPad and Macintosh applications.

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Wireless Network Settings

Game Data Live Network allows multiple iPads / iPhones / Macintosh computers to share what they're doing. It uses Apple's peer to peer networking over Bluetooth, WiFi and infrastructure WiFi. It does not use internet access to function. You will want to provide your own wireless router at a game to extend the distances between your iPads.

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Network Server Settings

We have found that we can make our network more robust by adding a file server to it. Specifically, we use a server to forward the video files through. Video file transfers from an iPad to a server go twice as fast as to another iPad. Once the video is on the server, one or more Game Data Live users can download it automatically. If you get disconnected from the network, you can refresh your network data from another device on the network and choose to download the video you missed from the server.

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Wireless Access Point Settings

We have also found that you can get video to the sideline faster if you point a directional access point at the sideline. We have used access points from TP-LINK and Ubiquity Networks to do this. In particular, we use a TP-LINK CPE510 to provide a stronger WiFi link to the sideline.

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Wireless Client Settings

With a TP-Link CPE510 wireless Access Point on your press box, you can put another TP-Link CPE510 on the sideline to provide a private WiFi pipe through the sea of cell phones in your stands.

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To provide the best WiFi access on the sideline, put an access point high on the press box, point that at a client on the sideline and connect a third CPE510 (configured as an access point) to the client with an ethernet cable. Make sure both access points are on separate WiFi channels.